During the Covid-19 pandemic we have reduce our team.
We anticipate that as we move into higher phase of the recovery,
we will once again be looking for volunteers.

There are several opportunities for individuals to volunteer with The Salvation Army in Collingwood.  Some of these opportunities are short term, while others can be weekly.  The Salvation Army continues to be blessed by the efforts of our Volunteers.  See below for details as to how to apply to volunteer.

We are looking for a variety of individuals willing to volunteer.  This includes High School Students looking to get their required 40 hours of volunteering, individuals required to preform Court Mandated Community Services hours, and individuals looking for an opportunity to give back to the community.


Thrift Store:

We are currently seeking several volunteers who could weekly support our Thrift Store operations.  This would involve the receiving, sortation and pricing of donation.  Volunteers must be able to lift bags of clothing and carry them a short distance.

We currently have opening for Wednesday and Thursday.  A shift between 2-4 would be appreciated.

Food Bank:

We currently have a full roster of volunteers for the Food Bank.  On occasion we require extra assistance, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Student may apply to volunteer at The Salvation Army.  Preference will be given to those students willing to volunteer on a regularly schedule times over a number of weeks (i.e. 2 hour, every Tuesday after school, for 10 weeks).

NOTE:  We find it difficult to assist students who are approaching graduation and need to do many hours in a short time.


We are able assist individuals in meeting the Court Mandate Community Service Hours.  Preference will be given to those willing to make maintain a regular predetermined schedule.

NOTE:  We find it difficult to assist individuals who are required to do many hours in a short time.  Court Mandate Community Service Volunteers are not required to provide CPIC, however information regarding the conviction may be required.


The Salvation Army requires that all volunteer participate in an application process.  This includes the completion of an application, interview and the providing of a CIPC (Police Check).  The completion of this process does not guarantee that applicant will be selected to volunteer.

Please email salvationarmycollingwood.ca with your offer to volunteer.